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I am inspired by the scenes of classical and biblical stories painted by the Great Masters and their ability to capture the character of their subject with the utmost care and precision. They created complex scenes of intrigue, torture and death but also of passion and love that transfixes the viewer and transports them on a journey through time. 

Their mastery of paint and storytelling inspired me to depict individuals from my own time, to tell their story and give insight into who they are and what they represent. I am interested in the complexities of the human mind, the innumerable expressions that pass over a face and the histories engraved upon it. My practice to date has been focused on people in society who are not usually glorified, whose story is never told. 

Krishna Machado is a London based artist who graduated in Fine Art Painting from University of the Arts London, Wimbledon in 2010. Experienced in portrait painting, her practice is inspired by traditional painting techniques and in particular the art of chiaroscuro. Currently she is working on a series of portraits depicting musicians who live and work in London, alongside this she is exploring the genre of the painted landscape.


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